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〜 Title : The Healing of our Galactic Family 〜
facilitated by Lyssa Royal Holt & Sasha

Date &Time : February 20,2014 - Live from Tokyo - 7:30 to 9:00pm (Japan time)
Price: JPY2,000 (including 5% handing charge)

Most humans have had hundreds and even thousands of lives within our galactic family before entering the reincarnational cycle of Earth.

In those lives, we developed patterns and karma that we may have brought to Earth for healing, and those challenges play out in our lives as humans.

Through our lives on Earth, we sometimes reconnect with those patterns in order to heal them once and for all.

In this UStream session, Germane and/or Sasha will discuss this topic, as well as what the most common themes are that we've carried from our galactic family to Earth and how we can heal those patterns.

We will also have an experiential group meditation to assist the process of healing those old patterns that we have brought with us from the stars.

This session will include: 

1) Lecture from Germane or Sasha
2) Q & A time from the participants
3) Guided healing meditation

This UStream session is a great basic introduction to the much deeper work that we will be doing in the Galactic Holographic Healing Workshop held on Feb 22-23.



We hope you can join us!



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